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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st lTl (BR) 2553884
2nd Bold Talon (NA) 2432048
3rd BigMeanKiller (NA) 2327088
4th yiguo (NA) 2115807
5th Pytangelus (EUW) 1872514
6th Gasay (LAN) 1837938
7th 서울박사장 (KR) 1769325
8th Scrumm (NA) 1650894
9th Penguin1 (OCE) 1642209
10th Eonomni (NA) 1642141
11th KissTheReaper (EUW) 1590266
12th HAKAl (EUNE) 1550249
13th Râkê (LAS) 1549070
14th Thug Talon (EUNE) 1511791
15th 20Matar70Correr (BR) 1500996
16th Steadylegs (NA) 1458438
17th Pizza Slicer (EUW) 1400778
18th DrunkenMasterKen (NA) 1380135
19th MANA IpotoniC (EUNE) 1360805
20th Mute Protagonist (NA) 1360440
21st Aqualyn (EUNE) 1336745
22nd Tok1oH0T (EUW) 1313947
23rd Savz KING (BR) 1312129
24th 9X THIS TALON (EUW) 1251849
25th Mad Talon (EUNE) 1248601