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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Krabbengegner (EUW) 3577201
2nd Łordless (EUW) 3078768
3rd Raphael pop (EUW) 2979068
4th M4D Ritz (NA) 2907387
5th Biequenob (BR) 2901273
6th Leona BOTs (NA) 2689420
7th Isotrope (NA) 2494034
8th Forever Leona (NA) 2419513
9th Mazfer (EUNE) 2311947
10th Tualkaer (NA) 2268269
11th serguei84 (EUW) 2209264
12th iLeonaKING (EUNE) 2069927
13th Ch0senOfTheSun (EUNE) 2032818
14th LimTheDestructor (EUW) 1998898
15th Léonà (EUNE) 1980723
16th Marcorinho (EUNE) 1959961
17th Crossbow1701 (NA) 1936718
18th handi (RU) 1776812
19th ChosenOfTheSun (EUW) 1737904
20th griffonxx (EUW) 1736210
21st Sc ShadowW (EUW) 1694759
22nd ioki (NA) 1680335
23rd harman hagane (NA) 1636261
24th MRS2003 (EUW) 1619393
25th Enemy Justice (NA) 1581756