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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Èlysium (EUW) 2654118
2nd Headhunterr (LAN) 2519117
3rd 전쟁이다여자챙겨 (KR) 2450430
4th Tattsumaru (BR) 2349669
5th ananasf16 (EUNE) 2179686
6th GregPL (EUNE) 2123693
7th Kayser Sozzee (EUW) 2028812
8th MarianosWaifu (NA) 2006880
9th 이나에스 (KR) 1962609
10th XxX MuSlim XxX (EUW) 1935798
11th Shobek (NA) 1799957
12th Regis (LAN) 1786606
13th Headhunterr (NA) 1775910
14th Dante Alghiere (BR) 1751709
15th Scorp De NyCe (EUW) 1720226
16th rinkutux (EUNE) 1642551
17th Noobslasher (EUW) 1636742
18th Power (TR) 1626828
19th Sądist (NA) 1597904
20th DeathTheHorseman (EUNE) 1551999
21st ZimmerX550 (EUNE) 1549546
22nd kt Koren (LAN) 1534795
23rd Hargo (EUW) 1469627
24th Mysticpiano (NA) 1459893
25th Master Akali (NA) 1454674