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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st MordeKeyser Soze (NA) 2779049
2nd 卍 Mordekaiser 卍 (JP) 2541514
3rd Mordehuekeiser (LAS) 2484136
4th prazna (KR) 2325156
5th Pushinger (EUNE) 2321935
6th Over 2 Million (OCE) 2040373
7th NecroKnight (KR) 2030181
8th Knife TiAnXia (EUW) 1799607
9th Wool (JP) 1797865
10th UzzyMaD (EUW) 1625065
11th Sandpath (EUNE) 1568929
12th kurama64 (EUW) 1562987
13th Vraestin (EUW) 1559530
14th Iron Mordekaiser (LAS) 1544629
15th Geriboy12 (EUNE) 1522912
16th Mordelicious (NA) 1502265
17th Xarv (LAN) 1483558
18th WL Mickey Mouse (LAS) 1399813
19th MaXlMuST (NA) 1360825
20th GigglesO (NA) 1290332
21st rado boy (EUNE) 1274878
22nd mrdoda22 (EUNE) 1274331
23rd Pepsikaiser (EUW) 1224840
24th Chéradénine (EUW) 1189975
25th Aspros no Gemini (BR) 1189864