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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st NoobMaster (LAS) 2802525
2nd Hear Me God (EUW) 2127871
3rd NEVER CHAT LUL (EUW) 1909199
4th The Mighty Shin (NA) 1849671
5th 팀탁해캐리할께 (KR) 1661027
6th Emötionless Emu (NA) 1587723
7th NorthWolf (NA) 1412722
8th Cheeky Kasi (EUW) 1381027
9th Talented Bacon (EUNE) 1337360
10th NalgaTrucha (NA) 1328364
11th As Gregor (EUW) 1271589
12th Ézreal Senpai (EUW) 1200575
13th xsc2 (NA) 1195742
14th Ezreal carry (EUNE) 1192475
15th Roki2233 (EUNE) 1129170
16th D a (LAS) 1101308
17th Castlevania 4 (NA) 1066987
18th Emperor Mango (NA) 1059412
19th Strukovski (OCE) 1024765
20th Alamat (NA) 1019431
21st Ârchangel (NA) 1011135
22nd Sorä (NA) 1003505
23rd Delf (NA) 966711
24th CM7YRE (EUNE) 966262
25th P3rfectDark (NA) 943882