Lee Sin

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st iAM Mercy Mars (NA) 2740380
2nd Q Q Kick F (TR) 2676770
3rd itto rasetsu (BR) 2593917
4th Exenøn (EUNE) 2313597
5th Pathetic Kayn (EUNE) 2276396
6th fanboy (LAS) 2145772
7th MarmotaAnderson (BR) 2048801
8th wocane (NA) 2028479
9th teh avenger (NA) 2007389
10th Cellybeary (OCE) 1900427
11th Lee Syndrome HD (EUNE) 1893449
12th MônPatteLéSâle (EUW) 1884144
13th Sheki (LAS) 1838471
14th Dat Lee (EUNE) 1820782
15th Akamasoa (EUW) 1722920
16th Nęrô (EUW) 1703709
17th Berrrrry (EUW) 1698168
18th Phenom Kush (NA) 1654970
19th El Diablo 98 (NA) 1652327
20th MrChatterbox (EUNE) 1642435
21st el iván (LAN) 1636897
22nd SPY Mitsiopoulos (EUNE) 1626373
23rd Onvi (NA) 1615117
24th ralphEX (BR) 1575100
25th RaKaBest (TR) 1567900