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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Gat Style (KR) 2172539
2nd No Name maybe (EUNE) 1743128
3rd godshhep a lenda (BR) 1738018
4th Rivdex (RU) 1585101
5th blob37 (EUW) 1556348
6th Mecha Powered (NA) 1504963
7th MIvanoski (EUNE) 1455227
8th xShadowsword (NA) 1430165
9th andrei90 (RU) 1400425
10th CoolTrainerZach (NA) 1360512
11th LDizon (OCE) 1344139
12th MistressMalphite (NA) 1339831
13th BCBG (NA) 1337826
14th shandala (EUNE) 1304502
15th LikeMikeDang (NA) 1299942
16th Baba Koksal (EUNE) 1216444
17th Alex dzen (RU) 1152658
18th K Y N G (EUW) 1113447
19th porknhoes (NA) 1095535
20th MIKA ANTIC (EUW) 1089061
21st TrueHiddenMist (NA) 1068230
22nd Samson 100 (NA) 1015007
23rd Cimbel Matutino (EUW) 1011984
24th Hakai (EUW) 995586
25th Daweige1314 (EUW) 943771