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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st RekSai Only (EUW) 1869350
2nd Khronic Prodigy (NA) 1544478
3rd bozniansaint (NA) 1507797
4th ezz (EUW) 1472980
5th LOKLOKS (NA) 1402825
6th wo fei chang z (KR) 1391942
7th TM88 DAT WAY (NA) 1376071
8th Reksai the JG (KR) 1306063
9th Split Sai (EUW) 1275198
10th PaperHeart (EUW) 1227688
11th My Bite Hurts (NA) 1204260
12th Zer Sai (NA) 1197893
13th Beetletank (OCE) 1151396
14th JusTSkiLLzZ (EUNE) 1095796
15th Glenn Cooper (LAS) 1074941
16th RageOfTheQueen (EUW) 1068885
17th RekSaiyajin (EUW) 1055879
18th Serginho Gostoso (BR) 1055826
19th Sidon (EUW) 1050169
20th Ðeejay (NA) 1040350
21st QuantumElement (NA) 1017850
22nd Reuven (NA) 961016
23rd Shadowtion (RU) 959696
24th M e d i c a g o1 (EUW) 947878
25th Drowning (NA) 909506