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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st youcandobetter (NA) 3166287
2nd Tobias Fate (NA) 2674499
3rd Ravizinho (BR) 2094417
4th Captain Cem (EUW) 1760907
5th Tobıas Fake (EUNE) 1610795
6th Cur0Kag3 (EUNE) 1607776
7th saratoby (EUW) 1453997
8th DONT RETREAT (EUW) 1438199
9th czarnypr0 (EUNE) 1369569
11th For Evigt (EUW) 1365371
12th CoCoCombo (NA) 1346299
13th k0st4z (EUNE) 1329753
14th Do It For Coach (EUW) 1315838
15th Foo (OCE) 1292164
16th DlCKTATOR (KR) 1279526
17th Auturf (EUW) 1215608
18th Cannons and Kegs (NA) 1203058
19th QuantumAE (NA) 1199470
20th Qw3rty (EUNE) 1174472
21st Adronitis (NA) 1151869
22nd EterN Manhaes (BR) 1134104
23rd WasJustAPlankBro (NA) 1133258
24th Unblockedjam (LAN) 1099497
25th Bo Mirell (EUW) 1093393