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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st frosty34 (NA) 4373346
2nd 사랑해 (KR) 3420637
3rd RdK Voormiss (EUW) 3276042
4th PlsTeamplay (EUW) 3180883
5th ThaGreenMachine (NA) 2817185
6th Dvxvsr (NA) 2631178
7th That Sona Guy (NA) 2590795
8th Bonedoc27 (NA) 2578334
9th MS viking (LAS) 2488980
10th sezwarnie (OCE) 2453085
11th Eslamwaheed (EUNE) 2428973
12th ImActuallyADude (NA) 2307275
13th Uhura (EUW) 2273031
14th jocasoromenho (EUW) 2266820
15th The Firs MaLaKay (EUNE) 2255650
16th Hi Im A Noob (NA) 2239389
17th chipndip1 (NA) 2238103
18th JXY0727 (NA) 2162454
19th CRO Only Sona (EUNE) 2141441
20th Mr Sheeny (NA) 2105906
21st kinda pretty (NA) 2100824
22nd Master Sona (NA) 2039000
23rd Mamuna (EUNE) 2022819
24th Adagio Virseoz (EUNE) 1997982
25th x Venus x (NA) 1890166