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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st ananinami (EUW) 2955746
2nd Sephyroth (EUW) 2298283
3rd Deep Sea (EUNE) 2242052
4th Never Lucky (EUNE) 2121444
5th gigisLV (EUW) 1979049
6th Sweet Rabbit (EUW) 1975000
7th FullGore (LAN) 1918051
8th IsuckUsuckmore (EUW) 1907982
9th ertaille2 (EUW) 1879868
10th FlSHIE (OCE) 1860913
11th mwka (EUW) 1860300
12th inie (NA) 1800037
13th taluk (NA) 1797293
14th Bobr90 (EUNE) 1750318
15th ComeToMomma (EUW) 1739693
16th Adamondo (EUW) 1728997
17th I InstaLock Nami (NA) 1725360
18th FIy222 (EUW) 1690313
19th Laurioo (EUW) 1643719
20th Celianna (EUW) 1633270
21st Makani87 (EUW) 1627124
22nd FeetAreStrange (NA) 1586080
23rd BLUEBERRYLANE (EUW) 1570626
24th Namî Bot (LAS) 1568355
25th Namirah (LAS) 1550199