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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st DepressedMorgana (EUW) 3175191
2nd Ezut (EUW) 2886853
3rd CutePandaPea (EUW) 2875801
4th Talah (NA) 2868858
5th Makiz002 (EUNE) 2865072
6th Phoenix888888888 (EUNE) 2386777
7th miss ropez (EUW) 2261415
8th NexTFactioN (EUNE) 2116594
9th MudintheWater (NA) 2002947
10th MrElfy (NA) 1981427
11th 몰가연습좀할께요 (KR) 1978421
12th RikenCLC (EUNE) 1971846
13th Songbird Titan (BR) 1936799
14th Dwarden (EUNE) 1918598
15th the oofman (EUW) 1874889
16th Tadek Rydzyk (EUNE) 1854015
17th zackboingbuhuuu (EUW) 1841549
18th Lady Issabella (NA) 1837079
19th Nitra (TR) 1807053
20th SaiIorViolet (NA) 1795077
21st blackcat6 (EUW) 1785207
22nd 쿠키아기 (KR) 1780728
23rd Cursed dimitrix (LAN) 1741597
24th codekarma (NA) 1688197
25th Vincint27 (NA) 1594458