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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st kamikaze314 (EUW) 3640287
2nd sivir pro xd (EUW) 1827415
3rd FVLStar (EUW) 1727759
4th lolly619 (EUW) 1479865
5th thunderburd (NA) 1420512
6th Relocated (NA) 1331345
7th av3l (EUW) 1242052
8th Lady bug thug (NA) 1173539
9th AoE mistress (EUW) 1156117
10th Alpengeist (EUW) 863127
11th dupanet (EUW) 856787
12th Widow (NA) 753849
13th Ich bin Gargamel (EUNE) 724944
14th ShadowHunterKeny (EUW) 699579
15th jubjub (NA) 682590
16th BananenBunny (EUW) 678063
17th UK SparkyD (EUW) 645023
18th IlIlllllllllll (EUW) 640586
19th siarovich (OCE) 624135
20th Thorned (EUW) 618749
21st Lajtowe Granie (EUNE) 587119
22nd 개민엽 (KR) 565365
23rd Nooeeliiaa94 (EUW) 561409
24th Lichtstrahlung (EUW) 550686
25th Jisele (NA) 549649