Aurelion Sol

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 장인아우렐리온솔 (KR) 1741531
2nd ASalty (EUW) 1573202
3rd DeadSol goes TR (TR) 1473638
4th Star Forger1 (NA) 1346194
5th MjölnirUnleashed (NA) 1318512
6th Baztangod (EUW) 1291098
7th iOlkaida (BR) 1266792
8th Jimbo Raynor (NA) 1247297
9th Lord Aurelion (EUW) 1209037
10th LordAurelionSol (TR) 1187452
11th REXpayer (RU) 1089490
12th Solely Aurelion (NA) 1071764
13th RayArc (BR) 947255
14th always plan ahea (NA) 933535
15th AoSinPrnStar (EUNE) 862084
16th Criskus (NA) 858986
17th Lyaphine (EUW) 845730
18th TheOnlyASol (EUNE) 831496
19th BySicknes (EUW) 792787
20th N0 VEGETALS (NA) 770773
21st Exastellar (EUW) 769722
22nd 롤접은쓰레기 (KR) 764137
23rd 로리장인영욱 (KR) 744271
24th Hentai Kami Sama (NA) 728045
25th Aurelion Sol (EUNE) 713229