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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st fear of Quinn (EUW) 3306823
2nd 밤영웅 (KR) 2805487
3rd Quinn Airlines (EUNE) 2573755
4th Wíndfury (EUW) 2571722
5th Sundays27 (EUW) 2336579
6th Tuwinn (NA) 2304478
7th Sk3nd3rb3u (EUNE) 2242424
8th Bronze4Ever (NA) 2194103
9th PWNER CRASH (LAN) 2030535
10th EaRTHEmPIRE (NA) 1986496
11th this quinn xd (EUW) 1924459
12th DV8 Reaper (NA) 1892398
13th Valor Express (EUW) 1876938
14th pugsters3 (NA) 1777175
15th C9 Enano (LAN) 1769846
16th Nozula (NA) 1749128
17th JohnSy84 (EUW) 1650300
18th große Penisse (EUW) 1596092
19th Suzakujin (EUW) 1584011
20th HPS Logan (NA) 1582591
21st InuyaShaQuinn (BR) 1516421
22nd Lord Banán (EUNE) 1475580
23rd Namtab (NA) 1452063
24th Cosmo Quinn (BR) 1404846
25th NeoDesertfox (EUW) 1395799