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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Darqstrom (EUW) 2114051
2nd yuleo (BR) 1721748
3rd 내가현승이 (KR) 1646785
4th fury68 (EUNE) 1587238
5th Ryzeemo (EUNE) 1560695
6th DrKorn (EUNE) 1537396
7th Mr Bojangles (EUW) 1524017
8th Occelot (LAS) 1489086
9th Dark Knight Ryze (NA) 1453529
10th Virtual Prophet (NA) 1370645
11th Tregov (EUNE) 1299088
12th Lova (BR) 1258815
13th Syte (NA) 1251639
14th weeb Ryze (NA) 1250018
15th Laetitian (EUW) 1223652
16th qmk (TR) 1215010
17th Cleexy (EUW) 1131944
18th Ryze Main (NA) 1045686
19th lemon handsome (NA) 1030514
20th EL RYZE CONGROO (EUW) 1014781
21st Gfriend Cutie (NA) 1007618
22nd Zaraxxx5 (EUW) 994537
23rd NightWalrus (OCE) 965016
24th Saitama Gucci (EUW) 926153
25th Avotrox (EUW) 916134