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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Woook3r (EUW) 3649686
2nd AD로암데나감노챗 (KR) 3095913
3rd Grigoriadis (EUNE) 2985760
4th Mírror (EUW) 2971239
5th invazn604 (NA) 2401415
6th T p OBA (TR) 2350244
7th FURlAT (EUNE) 2243540
8th Draven Airlines (EUW) 2229774
9th one big pile of (NA) 2211547
10th KłTE (NA) 2185598
11th aKansper BTT (NA) 2048547
12th KaNye (EUNE) 1998899
13th Dravenage (BR) 1903126
14th Tömmey (EUW) 1881169
15th Miyamoto Musasi (TR) 1850845
16th Drâvenâtion (TR) 1849274
17th 전설의마술사 (KR) 1821042
18th 홍철이도끼 (KR) 1796689
19th Jpeg89 (EUW) 1759758
20th Ðrävën (NA) 1754829
21st Zachary91 (NA) 1737814
22nd bazilisek2 (EUNE) 1703662
23rd Bonvivius (EUW) 1694775
24th Roronoa Zooro (TR) 1661485
25th NotKidding (EUW) 1615783