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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Pr3dator2064 (EUW) 2550433
2nd 1Lulu (NA) 2350698
3rd Tragabirras (EUW) 1977897
4th Gohozo (EUW) 1899926
5th puckletruck (NA) 1886268
6th Gajoob (EUW) 1873443
7th moredorn (NA) 1693831
8th 강은서 (KR) 1665741
9th Cuddly Incöming (NA) 1659444
10th Durrkan (BR) 1633921
11th Empréss (NA) 1587192
12th Kawaii Kitsune (NA) 1502077
13th xYoshiko (EUNE) 1465483
14th Nine Mews (BR) 1450927
15th Lulu Lulu Lulu (OCE) 1411076
16th Sbienk (EUW) 1391127
17th Cerentini (BR) 1386393
18th Portuguese LuLu (EUW) 1353749
19th TKRS Kurios (NA) 1341266
20th MeghanV Akuma (EUW) 1308376
21st faelight (NA) 1283335
22nd Mámhòjakotyć (EUNE) 1280910
23rd God Tier Lulu (EUW) 1249745
24th たこるる (JP) 1234673
25th Terana (EUW) 1186322