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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 땅혁맘마 (KR) 2999969
2nd Where We Were (TR) 1734392
3rd PegasusQuantam (NA) 1730610
4th SejuSup (EUW) 1577962
5th marekc (EUNE) 1269083
6th TayTıS (TR) 1253147
7th GundayMonday (NA) 1240515
8th J4R00 (EUNE) 1180192
9th Thanhbui714 (NA) 1170394
10th Schwartlappen (EUW) 1149981
11th BARTEQ84 (EUNE) 1103284
12th Hii im JT (EUW) 1084247
13th SoyMilkYum (NA) 1030636
14th gdfgzs (EUW) 1015398
15th hi im pinki pie (EUW) 992836
16th Starlight01 (EUW) 953816
17th Nigelwin (NA) 923076
18th Nola Zombie (NA) 916265
19th JOmickie (NA) 889873
20th Solid Sej (EUW) 840420
21st AlkoranT (EUW) 839627
22nd DOCMAGIC (LAS) 817838
23rd Lubko17 (EUNE) 789977
24th Chalpe (EUNE) 760752
25th hartag (NA) 753611