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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Verti (EUW) 2811502
2nd AhriNoJoeru (EUW) 2577097
3rd 이용신 (KR) 2456044
4th RavenOner (EUW) 2441985
5th MiyaAsura (BR) 2404075
6th We Are Worthless (NA) 2303867
7th Taraji P Henson (NA) 2146856
8th Blaze Wolf891 (NA) 2043894
9th AhriIsMyWaifuS2 (BR) 1993403
10th Ahri the Queen (NA) 1986409
11th QQQ (EUW) 1939248
12th Arsus (EUW) 1935529
13th Mewko (NA) 1822267
14th Guhz (NA) 1821437
15th shaolo (LAS) 1819292
16th OTP Fox (LAN) 1796294
17th Not Thirsty (NA) 1786053
18th Shira Miyuko (EUW) 1764498
19th ExcaliberPrime (NA) 1751724
20th GS Metal (LAN) 1751131
21st boludo mal (LAS) 1729910
22nd FabWarlock (NA) 1711840
23rd m1d3nistis (EUNE) 1694032
24th Fox News At 11 (NA) 1693043
25th The Harem King (NA) 1666560