Total Level

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Place Name (Region) Total Level
1st Ma5tery (EUW) 954
2nd Striderdat (OCE) 930
3rd Nico Robin (EUNE) 914
4th S t r a l i n g (LAS) 832
5th Malleus Malefica (EUW) 830
6th Crushler (EUNE) 816
7th JakeStyles (EUNE) 813
8th Kelite (NA) 806
9th 대인배 성인군자 (KR) 802
10th PolynomeX (EUW) 802
11th 35064774DEL1 (EUNE) 791
12th Morgantius (NA) 778
13th ITG Black Lion (BR) 775
14th WeAreFreeHumans (EUW) 770
15th King Puleg (EUW) 762
16th Mthizyko (EUNE) 762
17th Binouzedumatin (EUW) 752
18th Überlike (EUW) 750
19th Preyea (EUW) 748
20th Fabi93 (EUW) 745
21st Thunderlord Ornn (TR) 738
22nd MegaloManiac (RU) 737
23rd purpleninja0 (NA) 735
24th JuWi Son (EUW) 733
25th Cylosix (NA) 733